Eyeliner on Fleek!

Eyeliner hacks!

1. Figure out what works best for your eye shape

2. Get a eyeliner with a thin tip, this will be easy to make a line

3. Use a piece of paper or tape to guide you when making the wing line

4. Beginners, you should use both hands to help you.

5. You should draw the wing line first, then continue drawing the line on your eye lid

6. Use a concealer/makeup remover to clean out any mistakes or dark eyeshadow if you using.

Practice makes perfect.. Keep trying! …#wingedliner #wingedeyeliner #eyelinear #eyemakeup #blogger #beauty #sablogger

Essence 24hr eyeliner

Bump balm- Ultra bee

Ultra bee 

All products made with Propolis, which is natural ingredient .

The bump balm is great product for nourishing and moisturizing skin. I use this product after shaving or threading , it helps to reduce inflammation , irritation on the skin .

It also helps with ingrown hairs any where on the body , product is very mild no fragrance .

The bump balm has many natural extracts of oils and ingredients .

visit : @ultra bee or using this link



Nude collection lipsticks

My new favorite lipsticks and the shades are so perfect . Recently I have just started using very light shade lipsticks . It just goes so well , and yes I am fussy with light shades as well as brands .

So I will be doing an in depth post on each  lipstick soon.

The lipstick brands I enjoy :






These brands have the best texture and color intensity , although they light but so pigmented


Flormar Eye liner pen

Flormar South Africa 

I purchased the Eyeliner pen for the first time , i was curious about the way my wing will come out and if it will be easier .


I purchased from Flormar South Africa they have an online store, but based in Cape Town . The item was on sale around R60… which is a reasonable .

I did enjoy using it my wing will come out perfect , but perfection is always a try. O still make mistakes . The pen liner is much easier to use I felt it worked well with my hand technique. The color is black it is matte , very dark and clear.


Florma website


Birthday lunch

Happy Tuesday all 🌷

Abit of a delayed post , my birthday lunch at Jimmy’s Killer prawns at gateway (Durban)


I enjoy dinning at my favorite restaurant , I do prefer the way they make the food to my liking, especially the steak. It has to be well done , and it never stiff or difficult to eat.

Cheesy jelapeno sauce over Rum steak , with 4 sides ,you can choose from the menue.

strawberry daiquiri  

My birthday Glam


My birthday look , some glam never hurts 🥰

Products used :

@maybelline – baby skin primer

@lagirlcosmeticssouthafrica -Orange concealer (corrector)

@maybelline -superstay foundation (shade-caramel beige)

@maybelline -fit me concealer (shade-20)

@palladiobeautysouthafrica -matte bronzer (contour)

@swiitchbeauty -matte bounce setting powder

@maccosmeticsafrica -global glow bronzer 

@rimmellondonsa -brow kit and @anastasiabeverlyhills 

@anastasiabeverlyhills -Renaissance palette 

@essence_cosmetics -you better work eye primer 

@essence_cosmetics -lash princess mascara 

@essence_cosmetics-lip linear(shade-brick lane)

@essence_cosmetics -liquid linear 

@maybelline – colossal kajal

@essence_cosmetics -blush(natural beauty)

@hudabeauty -highlight palette 

@hudabeauty -lip(spice girl)


Ultra Bee Tissue oil

I always tried many different types of tissue oils for my stretch marks after having my baby, for some reason my stretch marks were really bad, I have those red marks… those take a longer tome to go away, so nothing has been really helping.

Recently I was gifted the Tissue oil from Ultra bee, so I’m using it over a month, twice a day… I use it on my face it makes my skin very soft , so on my face I’m ysing it for my marks .

My stretch marks were so visible , overtime it has gotten abit better . But I still continue using a tissue oil , so this specific tissue oil I’m loving … it hasn’t helped much with disappearing my marks yet as that will take time however the redness on my marks are gone, my skin is much softer and smooth doesn’t have that rough bumpy texture . I’m very happy with the tissue oil, I will still continue to use it till I see much more change .

The tissue oil is loaded with really great ingredients , such as- 100% Cera Alba which is beeswax, it contains bee pollen , Propolis and honey extract these are the main ingredients in all the Ultra bee products below I will put up information on what is Propolis . However there many other ingredients like , avocado oil , sunflower see oil, rosehip fruit oil and many more these ingredients  are so great  many good products have these similar oils they work wonders .


Ultra bee

Ultra bee is a south African local brand who manufacture products for skin, such as skincare , or any skin condition . These products are 100% natural they main ingredient is Propolis.

What is Propolis ?

Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with exudate gathered from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. … while larger spaces are usually filled with beeswax. –

•The Benefits of Propolis on skin?Propolis has a special compound called pinocembrin, a flavonoid that acts as an antifungal. These anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make propolis helpful in wound healing.  propolis can help people who have had traumatic burns heal faster by speeding up new healthy cell growth. –

The link below you will be able to view all the products with prices which is so affordable , (there are baby products as well)


Vitek Face steamer

Face steaming … I purchased the Vitek face steamer from Dischem , price R320, I have it for 3 months, and I’m seen really good results. I went for a facial at A beauty spa, so steaming was done and I liked it cause the benefits were good, so I decided to purchase one which I could do myself and cost effective. 

Benefits: steam opens up the pores, it cleans out any dirt that is clogged, this is deep cleaning. It also helps to soften black heads which is easy to extract. Steaming promotes circulation. 

I steam my face for 8 minutes , I wait till it cool I do not rinse. I apply mask to my face , rinse off and continue with my skincare routine. 

It makes my skin very soft and smooth , not forgetting clean . 

There’s 2 settings low & high, I mainly use low its medium heat, the high level is much more hot and the water boils faster. I steam my face 3 times a month, depends on my skin. Too much steaming isn’t good as it will dry your pores.

Overall I’m really happy with the product.

Have you ever steamed your face ? Any questions please comment below.